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Why Meditate? – A Scientific & Practical Approach

Much has been said about meditation in just about every type of media. It seems unanimous that some form of meditation is not only good, but essential, for getting the best out of us. Many of us can be thought of as transcending into meditative states, for short bursts of time, without being aware it. Yet, the fact remains, most of us are not practicing meditation regularly. People generally believe it is too hard for them. Why so?

It is well known that if our subconscious really wants something, we eventually allow it to happen for us no matter how much our conscious may reason against it. At times it may seem to happen with a heavy cost, in one form or another, when viewed under socially acceptable norms. Therefore, if one is not succeeding at meditation, one has not understood or internalized the ‘Why?’ for meditation. It just isn’t good enough to be told that meditation is good for you and an essential step towards self realization or God. One needs to...

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Why positive thinking and affirmations may not work? Then, what to do?

Living in the world where there are numerous pressures to excel, positive thinking and affirmations are favored technique. Both have a way of doing the trick very well during childhood. However, for most of us they work less and less as we get older. Why so?

When positive affirmations don’t work, we usually take solace in the belief that, God willing, the results will be there when the time is right. Those with a blind faith believe so regardless of their actions. Such thinking has a potential of inducing false expectations. In defense of the believers, it is to be noted that most people today do not conduct their daily life as though they believe 100% in anything except money!

Regardless, each one of us can contribute to increasing the probability for favorable outcomes. Here is how.

Simply stated, believe 100% in your positive thoughts and affirmations. This requires coming from a position of 100% certainty, which is not easy for reasoning adults. Therefore, while the...

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Human emotions are powerful feelings, signifying your universal energy in motion. Regardless of the labels such as good or bad, emotions can be powerful enough to take people away from the reality of the present moment.

Keep in mind that all feelings are just feelings and you can let them go, without surrendering to injustices or compromising your position.

It is simple, and can be easy, to train yourself to harness your emotions, to everyone's advantage. Join the membership to "Success IS Natural" community" to learn and practice technique that have worked for thousands of years. Note that the membership for 12 months  is free, if requested before December 31, 2017. As a bonus, you will also receive a soft copy of the e-book "Success Is Natural"; down loadable one chapter every week to allow for an immersive study with contemplation and cogitation.


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NOTES from International Symposium on Achieving Greater Success Holistically organised by IDC Foundation on 18 November 2017 at New Delhi

Notes taken by Shri Paritosh Tyagi - IDC Chairman

·        Welcome

o   Prof Rohit Chauhan & Dr Shraddha Chauhan

o   Chief Guest: PadmBhushan Dr Satya Vir Shastri

o   Keynote Speaker Prof Bhudev Sharma

o   Padm Shri Prof Shyam Singh Shashi, Patron

o   Patron Anurag Goel

o   Authors, Delegates, Invitees

·        Maxim:  'Concentrate on the journey, not the destination'. Is success a destination or the result of right attitude and efforts?

Prof Rohit Chauhan

1.       Those who could have benefitted are mostly not present.

2.       Application of knowledge at the right moment is POWER.

3.      ...

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Dharma Or Karma?

Both are meaningful in their own rights. It is non-productive to think either Dharma OR Karma. Instead think how much better DHARMA AND KARMA can be for you?

Dharma has been the same forever; 'Sanatan' in Sanskrit. No religion is 'Dharma' any more. The 'Sanatan' Dharma guides you to do the 'right' Karma. Together, 'Dharma + Karma is the only long term winning combination.

Fortunately, Dharma and Karma can happen for you naturally and joyfully for best results. Want to learn how? Even if you are a little bit curious, do yourself a big favor by registering today for


Author - Rohit Chauhan

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For Remaining Youthful

success Nov 01, 2017

OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE WHO REALLY WANT TO RISE ABOVE LIFE'S CHALLENGES, rather than keep on shedding tears on (perceived) inadequacies or blaming others.

First, I appreciate the lead that Dr. Kaushalendra Mishra of Jharkhand, India, has provided this morning by posting the following beautiful poetic prose (Gadya Kavya) on Facebook. Read and allow yourself to flow with it, to experience what I mean.

" चुनौतियाँ –


किया था वादा 

जलाने का दीपक 

छीन कर नेह 

एक कातिल नें । 

शहर में कड़कती हैं बहुत 


कहाँ लगते हैं दीपक 

मेरी चमक के आगे । "

This is about the challenges faced by ambitious people all over the world. This is a predicament creative people after launching themselves on the world stage. Full of youthful vigor, they want to become one of the beacons of light in the darkness full of all kinds of storms and thunderous lightnings strong enough to render the individual beacons powerless. 

Can you sympathize with the plight? Now what,...

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Shortcuts To Success

success Oct 27, 2017


In the modern world knowledge is multiplying at a brisk pace, like never before in human history; perhaps doubling every year, or faster. The traditional system of education has been unable to expand fast enough for meeting the needs, and so is true for the alternative institutions of learning. The fundamental reason for this divergence is the way humans learn. It is not as much by lectures.

Several deep thinkers have mentioned that people learn more by their experiences. The following clip from a Facebook posting by Dr. Harshvardhan Tiwary makes this point quite well.

"Our best work is done, our greatest influence is exerted, when we are without thought of self. All great geniuses know this. Let us open ourselves to the one Divine Actor, and let Him act, and do nothing ourselves. "O Arjuna! I have no duty in the...

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Do You Want To Trust Your Instincts?

There was a tiny (5 mm) insect crawling fearlessly in my well disinfected bathroom. The moment my attention turned to the insect, it quickly rushed to safety of a floor mat. What an instinct and the insects trust in it? Humans are born with instincts, as well; in fact much more than insects and animals, but, underutilized.

Where do these instincts come from? Certainly not from human logic or man-made laws or construct of modern science.

For now think, how often have you bothered to notice you had an inkling about something, and over-ruled it or did nothing? Later on, you regretted you wish you had taken the action according to your intuition. Incidentally, in our extremely busy society, it seems, today's kids are loosing this capability too fast in favor of rapidly becoming an extension of their so-called smart phones or only law abiding automata - if so.

Most people have become so computer like that they have been unknowingly allowing themselves to be programmed, to automatically...

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Can Man Made Laws Solve All Problems?

money solution success Oct 01, 2017

This headline is about what happened on Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, last night. We are no longer as sensitive to such preventable tragedies, as we must be; good media coverage, blood donations, tons of sympathies, a presidential visit, a minute of silence & tears, discussions about fire arms control, and the life goes on as long as the stock market keeps going up.

In all fairness, Americans have proven to possess remarkable capabilities for dealing with any level of crisis, but, they have remained largely inhibited in growth of human potential beyond physical levels of human consciousness. May be, this is why, despite their material generosity all over the word, they are yet to find a high enough place in the hearts of people. Regretfully, very other country seems to be following the same trajectory.

It is consistent with the dominant thinking: lets us make money. Don't get me wrong. I love money too, but in ways that helps me perform in the best interests of my family as well as...

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When Money Matters

money success Sep 03, 2017

This article is to communicate how simple it has become for everyone with ideas to utilize modern technology for cashing-in on their know-how.

It all begins with an idea whose time has come. Do you have ideas that can be valuable to people? Everyone does. Of course, right at this moment you may find it difficult to come up with an idea that you can get paid for. If so, that would only mean that you need to observe your strengths and people's desires more closely. Look around, world is full of problems, that are looming opportunities. Surely, there are some things that you can help people with, on-line, via information sharing, contract services, courses, products, affiliate marketing, etc.

Look at social media, mindfully. See what excites you? It wouldn't be very long before you can have list of ideas that are consistent with your passion in life. It is important to work in the areas where you feel passionate, to deploy your full 100% that is essential for success today. What to do...

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