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Why positive thinking and affirmations may not work? Then, what to do?

Living in the world where there are numerous pressures to excel, positive thinking and affirmations are favored technique. Both have a way of doing the trick very well during childhood. However, for most of us they work less and less as we get older. Why so?

When positive affirmations don’t work, we usually take solace in the belief that, God willing, the results will be there when the time is right. Those with a blind faith believe so regardless of their actions. Such thinking has a potential of inducing false expectations. In defense of the believers, it is to be noted that most people today do not conduct their daily life as though they believe 100% in anything except money!

Regardless, each one of us can contribute to increasing the probability for favorable outcomes. Here is how.

Simply stated, believe 100% in your positive thoughts and affirmations. This requires coming from a position of 100% certainty, which is not easy for reasoning adults. Therefore, while the...

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