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This site is intended to make a real difference in people. It can transform your life by deeply believing that Success Is Natural. While we are all born with this attribute, most adults may find to be work in process for years, with progressively better life - yes, including success as determined by  achievement of goals. Start by thought proving postings in the Vision.

After login, more resources will become available in the main menu above the header. The blogs expound upon the concepts alluded in the Vision postings. It is best to ponder on the blogs with contemplation and cogitation, and freely express your thoughts in the comments sections.

You are also welcome to contribute blogs for publication in your name. Just email  your source file.

Depending upon the membership requests, we will also schedule events such as webinars, online group discussions, workshops, and retreats. You can expect progressively greater benefits as our membership (free at this time) increases.



Super successful people know the importance of money, as well as other dimensions of real wealth, for perpetual happiness in life. Your habitual actions are driven by your sub-conscious and you can learn to take charge.

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Having of plenty money is an easily understood norm of success. Of course, most people never have enough. We specialize in helping you last your money longer, so that you can enjoy your retirement in style. 

We live in a highly transaction focused  society. If it was not for enforcement of laws, even today, most people would not think twice about doing whatever it takes for making 'money', regardless of long-term costs. This discourages responsible creativity, pursuit of life-purpose, and fulfilled life. Fortunately, with cultivation of 'Success-Mindset' perpetual happiness and intrinsic success can be a natural phenomenon that creates inexhaustible wealth. Interested?

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Retirement Consultation with Rohit Chauhan

who is a Life Adviser, with years of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural experiences as a scientist, engineer, systems integrator, business owner, retirement & legacy adviser, human potential developer, and a practical spiritualist. CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURED.



30 minutes

This is a get acquainted meeting. You can ask questions and discuss your concerns or ideas for better success. 

When it makes sense, further consultations may be offered.  

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90 minutes

Free for our clients. You may be billed later, unless an adviser-client relationship is established.

Members of the "Success Is Natural" virtual community ( will receive 20% discount. 

Your objectives and facts will be reviewed in detail and a written recommendations will be provided

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40 to 60 minutes for residents of Arizona

This is a 45 to 60 minutes educational seminar that will be delivered live, with questions and answers, either at your place or online. You may invite your friends or family.

It is Free. You will learn how you too may estimate your increasing income requirements, and secure a Guaranteed Income with lesser cash allocations.

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Resources For Success

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

Here are well researched offering of products and services from all over the world.

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